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We respect your privacy and want to ensure that your experience with Smiling Calm Hearts Open Our Learning, Inc. (SCHOOL, Inc.) is as satisfying and safe as possible. Our policy is never to provide any of your data to any third party without your permission except where required by applicable laws. You should designate, when providing information, which items you wish kept private. We will endeavor to ensure that any financial information you provide us, including credit card numbers, is stored securely. However, we cannot be liable for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control so long as we act in good faith. We ask you to remember that any information you choose to post publicly (comments, photos, videos) on this site is, of course, public.

Duplication of this program as a whole or in part is prohibited. This program is copyrighted by Smiling Calm Hearts Open Our Learning, Inc. (SCHOOL) and is fully protected, and all rights are reserved under the worldwide laws of copyright and trademark.

If you have any concerns about privacy violations, please contact us.

Smiling Calm Hearts Open Our Learning, Inc. (SCHOOL, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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