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“Teaching SCHOOL Yoga has demonstrated itself to be very important in our demographic, which is very transient and high in poverty. This compounds into a great deal of stress for children, families and teachers. The program also helped me as a teacher to be more present with my students and to develop quality lessons that incorporated movement, mindfulness, breathing and educational goals. This program supports my belief that we are better served by addressing student needs holistically, rather than piecemeal as in the classrooms of the past." 

—Katherine M., Preschool Teacher

“With SCHOOL Yoga, students learn how to regulate their attention, emotions and behavior, leading to better academic outcomes for all. Behavior management, classroom harmony and discipline improve with the practices that are taught.” 

—Sarah H., 4th & 5th Grade Special Education

“I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did and the practices help both my students and myself. My students’ approach to challenges and new materials is different than was it was before. They’re more productive, less distracted and face challenges in a way that allows them to make better decisions.”

Jennifer D., 4th Grade Teacher

I believe teaching self-calming skills at a young age promotes peace in the future. That is why SCHOOL Yoga is crucial to youths today.

“For the past eight years, the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness Program has been implemented in all classrooms (K-5) of Milagro Charter School in downtown Los Angeles. SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness classes contribute greatly to the foundation of learning at Milagro. These methods remind students to make positive choices and persevere through challenges.”

—Sascha Robinette, Elementary Principal

“I honestly believe that with SCHOOL Yoga I have provided students with tools they need to be healthier and more productive people and have fostered in them habits that will make them lifelong learners. Bringing SCHOOL Yoga methods and terminology into the classroom has not only helped me with management but it has made me a better teacher as well.”

—Carol G., Kindergarten Teacher

"While healthy habits are important for everyone regardless of zip code, it is especially important for a population of students who face a high amount of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Research has found that children who experience a high amount of ACEs have disrupted neurodevelopment, social, emotional, and cognitive impairments, a higher likelihood of adopting health-risk behaviors, and social problems. Bringing SCHOOL Yoga into the classroom allows children to learn healthy habits in a safe, calm environment and gives them strategies for when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed inside and outside of the classroom."

Betsy S., Educational Specialist

"This program has had immediate and positive outcomes in my classroom. SCHOOL Yoga has provided a positive strategy to create a harmonious class setting so that I can also enjoy teaching and my students can have the joy of learning!

—Claudia O., 1st Grade teacher

SCHOOL Yoga online classes help youths develop peaceful feelings for learning.

"SCHOOL Yoga is important in my class because kids learn strategies to respond to stressful situations.  They can control themselves better and not make wrong decisions that they would later regret.  It gives them better thinking to resolve problems.  They learn to be more cooperative, compassionate, kind, respectful and they even learn to persevere in reaching personal goals."
Carlos S., Kindergarten teacher

"I work as a PSW at the elementary level. I believe all of our students could benefit greatly from the SCHOOL Yoga intervention.  This intervention affords students the skills to become calm and centered, so that they can absorb their academic lessons and hone their interpersonal skills. Best of all, Ms. Kelly has come up with a playful and creative way to teach these skills, so that students will surely engage.  It is GREAT that the SCHOOL methods meet Common Core State Standards! I wish these SCHOOL Kids Yoga classes were mandatory!"
Ruthie P., Psychiatric Social Worker

"Because our world faces so many social issues, it is paramount that our next generations develop the skills to get along, collaborate, and problem solve with others.  Students need to have the skills to create group harmony.  If they can work with peers, they can someday work with neighbors, community leaders (maybe even be one), and be a part of a global community that creates a more promising future. The wisdom of the world is not going to come from the genius of technology but from the power of the shared goodness of people."

Vivian Z., Resource Specialist

Social and emotional learning is a key feature in SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness lessons.

"With calm breathing, calm brains and calm hearts, SCHOOL Yoga classes have taught our four year olds many strategies that have improved their ability to regulate their own behavior. Our preschoolers love practicing and using these strategies to stay focused, to control impulses and to resolve conflicts in socially appropriate ways."
Nidia P., Pre-K & Kindergarten Teacher

"The SCHOOL Yoga and Mindfulness Training has transformed my approach to classroom management and has helped to make my students more productive and cooperative. And personally, it has helped me find balance in some frantic moments at work and at home. I have never set foot in a yoga studio, yet I left her training feeling confident that I could lead my students through these basic exercises. I'm forever grateful for these new tools!"
—Daryl R., 5th Grade Gifted Teacher

Calm Breathing Calm Hearts is the main tool of the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness program.

"At first I was a little apprehensive in taking the course because I was a novice with yoga.  After completing the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training, I feel confident in teaching calming methods to my students and now practice also for myself!

Elise C., 3rd Grade Teacher

"Thank you again for another great year of yoga!  Sometimes I think I get more out of it than my kiddos :).” 
—Mary Jane R., TK Teacher

SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness lessons help students become lifelong learners.

"Introducing yoga to my first grade bilingual class has been a two-fold benefit. First of all, I've observed that even at the young age of 6, my students have learned to focus and find an inner calm place within themselves when they're practicing SCHOOL Yoga. Also, my students receive additional practice speaking and listening to English from a model other than the classroom teacher. It's been a wonderful experience! Both, teacher and students look forward to yoga class every week."
Angie L., 1st Grade Teacher

"The SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness Training offers a collection of tools and strategies for a process that adds a whole new dimension to learning, focusing and relating. It is like planting a seed for a better tomorrow for our children with regards to a positive shift in attitudes, actions, and responses to people and experiences in everyday life. Reducing stress for teachers and therapists is an added benefit."
Margaret B., Speech-Language Pathologist

1st-grade students practicing SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness in the classroom.
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