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SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness

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Smiling Calm Hearts Open Our Learning, Inc. (SCHOOL, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that helps children and teens develop social and emotional competence for peaceful learning in public schools. By offering the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness Program, we help teachers create focused, harmonious classrooms through adapted yoga mindfulness tools. Our approach includes a specific breathing method, simple poses, meditations, positive affirmations, and stories to build well-being for educators and youths. 


Since 2002, SCHOOL, Inc. has pioneered integrating yoga mindfulness methods in Title 1 schools. Over 1,000 public school teachers have trained with us in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Pasadena Unified School District, New York City Department of Education, and other school districts nationwide. Our program has served over 28,000 youth in the past seven years. Our curriculum meets Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Health and Physical Education State Standards.

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Our program builds social and emotional competence---the foundation for optimal classroom and life learning. 

Common Core, PE & Health Standards
Our methods are specifically designed to meet academic standards. With 22+ years of experience, we expertly adapt yoga mindfulness methods for public schools.

Community Building 

Our unique "we-centered" approach transforms classrooms.

75,000+ Youth & Educators
Join the growing number of educators across the country who are nurturing peaceful learners.


Center for Research and Reform in Education, Johns Hopkins School of Education review report on SCHOOL, Inc.
SCHOOL, Inc. meets ESSA Tier 4 criteria.

The SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness program has achieved Tier 4 evidence, set forth by ESSA per the Center for Research and Reform in Education, Johns Hopkins School of Education.

Professional development for K-12 educators.

"I have learned how to help my students regulate themselves emotionally and exhibit

more positive behavior. I have fostered in them habits that will make them lifelong

learners. Bringing the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness Program into the classroom

has made me a better teacher as well.” - Carol G., Kindergarten Teacher

“SCHOOL Yoga is always a part of my conversation and discussion

as a best practice — what's best for kids.”- Debra L., Principal

Digital lessons to play in the classroom


ABC7 highlights the SCHOOL Yoga & Mindfulness program.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) -- Practicing mindfulness has shown to have many physical and mental benefits --- from promoting self-awareness to enhancing concentration and fostering learning. Watch and read more on >>

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Smiling Calm Hearts Open Our Learning, Inc. (SCHOOL, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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